Your Trade Choice

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«YTC provides to all the traders around the world the tools and platform to operate in the Foreing Exchange market and OTC, with a top liquidity and all the financial regulations needed in order to provide a better and legal service to our clients».

This is how an international group of fraudsters consisting of nationals of Uruguay, Israel, Spain, Russia, New Zeeland and other countries position themselves on the market. This organised group, created a wide spread network that involves many companies based all over the world. Your Trade Choice (YTC) is only one of the elements of the network. Your Trade Choice (YTC) is not even a company; it is more like a temporary name which is used as an official brand.

The fraudsters are using a multiphase system which is built on getting into people’s trust. Organised group has a clear distribution of roles between the members. There is a ‘Brain centre’ that consists of what it might look like a well-respected businessmen; those people even take part in giving speeches at the public seminars, but in the same time they are strictly hiding their actual activities.  There is also a group of “Financial analysists” that are directly involved in obtaining funds from people. Another group is responsible for functioning of the call-centres, which are contacting potential targets and convincing them to invest into the ‘financial markets’.

Technical support group is responsible for ensuring functioning of the multiple websites and is also continuously introducing technical updates on the popular trading platforms, and therefore making them a fraud tool. As a result of those changes people that were caught in the scam are forced to believe that they are investing in a real time online trading in an out of market currency trading and CDF.

Companies under fraudsters control do not hold the required licences and are not authorised to offer financial investment services. Authorities from number of countries have opened investigation cases into some of the companies involved.

In as much details as possible, we will try to explain the fraud scheme that is being used and also we will point out the individuals that are behind it. We hope that the facts that we have provided will protect citizens of many countries from falling for a scam and also will bring to court all members of the international criminal group.